In-Room Amenities & Services


Wifi is free and available throughout the hotel. 
Network: "WiFi Hotel 64" or "Hotel 64"
There is no password.

Phone Guide

Internal calls: Dial the room number
For the front desk or other departments: Dial 9


To close the safe :
1. Close the door
2. Enter your code (with min. 3 and max. 6 digits)
3. Press the LOCK (L) button

To open the safe :
1. Enter the personal code you have previously set

"At the end of your stay, we kindly ask you to leave the safe OPEN !"

Your Services

Check-in & Check-out

Early check-in is free. Late check-out is 50% of the room rate. Both are subject to availability. If you would like to check in before 2pm, or check out after 12pm, please let us know in the calendar below.We will get back to you quickly with an answer and a quote, if applicable.We will try our best to satisfy your request, however please be advised that early check-ins late check-outs are unfortunately, not always possible.

Extra Pillows & Sheets

Should you wish to have extra pillows and/or sheets delivered to your room, please let us know. Our team will bring them to you shortly.


If you have any issue in your room, please let us know. We will send a specialist to fix the problem. 

Bathroom Essentials

A bathrobe, slippers and shower gel are available in your room, along with a hair dryer. If you need additional products, you may order them here.

Wake up Call

If you wish to be woken up, please let us know the day and specific time in the calendar, as well as if you would like multiple calls. 

Baby Cot

If you need a baby cot for the duration of your stay, request it here and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Housekeeping usually comes between 12pm and 2pm. If you wish to have your room done at a specific time, please request it in the calendar below and we will do our best to satisfy this request.

Dry Cleaning

We can clean your clothes for you. A laundry bag is available in the closet. Leave it on the bed, along with your signed form, and let us know here before 9:30am. You will get your laundry back in the evening.If you book this service after 9:30am, you will get your laundry back by the next evening.If you are booking in advance, don’t forget to select a date in the calendar below.